Synergy Strappy Top

I've had the Jane Top from Synergy Organic Clothing for nearly a year and it's become one of my "tried and trues"- The favorite ethical pieces in my wardrobe that I reach for again and again, the ones that hold up well and fit perfectly and are multi-purpose. 

The photos in this post are from a hike in Wisconsin last October, but I'm currently wearing the Jane top as I type this post from a little coffee shop next to an active volcano in the Philippines. I love traveling with this piece. I can wear it for a sweaty run in ninety degree and it has just the right amount of compression and solid construction to make the cut as one of my favorite pieces of workout gear... yet it's delicate enough that I can pair it with a maxi skirt (like I am right now) and feel put together (but still cool and comfortable). 

All Synergy Organic pieces are made in Nepal under fair trade conditions, utilizing organic cotton. Though Synergy's prices aren't "cheap", the Synergy pieces I own have all lasted me far more than 30 wears and I'm sure that they'll be in my closet for quite some time to come. 

Note: the Jane Top is currently on sale online!