The {Ethical} Pants That Changed Me- Golden Rule Boutique

This post is sponsored by The Golden Rule Boutique! All opinions are my own. I'm so thankful for the businesses that partner with Life+Style+Justice to make this platform a possibility! 

My style has always been pretty traditional. I've sort of gravitated away from flowy, bohemian styles because I rarely find an item in that category that works well for me and that I really feel comfortable in. I love the free-spirited, adventurous look, but I just couldn't pull it off. 

 Then I met these pants - the Taru Black Yoga Stretch Pants from The Golden Rule Boutique. So soft. So stretchy. And I really like the way they fit and feel! They're roomy without making me feel like I'm drowning in fabric, and the fitted ankles and waist/hip area keep my petite frame from looking shapeless. 

The pants are made ethically in Thailand, and a portion of sales go toward rescuing elephants (these would make a great gift for your favorite animal-loving, vegan, yogi friend)! The seamstresses who sew these "elephant pants" are paid double the standard wage and provided with health care. 

At $28.00, these pants are super affordable, as well. You'll actually find plenty of pieces for around $30.00 through The Golden Rule Boutique- a rarity in ethical stores. A few favorites that stood out to me as I was browsing the shop are this beautiful striped maxi dress for $24.75, and these zero waste leggings from one of my favorite ethical brands, Tonle, for $22.50! 


I'm planning on mostly wearing my new boho pants for yoga (I've been wanting a pair of loose yoga pants for awhile, I've only ever had tight-fitting leggings), but I also think they work well dressed up to wear out. I mean, who doesn't want to look put-together but feel like they're wearing the most comfortable pajamas ever? 

You can check out all the The Golden Rule Boutique has to offer through their website, facebook, or instagram accounts!