Things That Matter- A One-Stop-Shop for Ethically Made Filipino Products

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of attending a launch event for Things That Matter, and I'm so excited about it that I wanted to share with all of you... 

Living in the Philippines, I've become aware of how much I took the ease of ethical online shopping for granted while in the USA, AND how much easier it is to make a better, more ethical shopping decision if it's easy to purchase a alternative that does good (I'll admit that I've purchased a few unethically sourced items since moving here, just because it's difficult to get my hands on better options!). 


That's why I'm so excited about Things That Matter, a new ecommerce site spearheaded by social enterprise legend Rags2Riches and full of proudly Filipino-made garments, accessories, and other goods. Things That Matter is a joyful marketplace that creates positive impact and inspires an intentional lifestyle. It is envisioned to be a one-stop shop for beautiful and purposeful items made by social enterprises and brands with a cause. But more than that, it’s a community of advocates who want to create a better world by making more intentional and compassionate decisions.

The launch event brought together a room filled with passionate entrepreneurs who are a part of the Things That Matter community. We heard from Kylie Misa of WVN, Reese Fernandez-Ruiz of Rags2Riches, Paula Pioquinto-Dimaano of Piesa, and Looie Lobregat of Linea Etnika- all female entrepreneurs who have a mission to provide good jobs for Filipino citizens and preserve the unique handicrafts that have been passed down from generation to generation in Filipino culture. 


following the inspiring talks from the featured entrepreneurs, we got to take a look at the items that will be for sale through Things That Matter. My favorite picks are the Hannah tote from Rags2Riches (about $40 USD), The woven slim men's necktie from Anthill Fabric Gallery (under $20 USD), and the lovely handmade soaps from So True Naturals ($6 USD each). 

USA/UK/AUS friends, you'll be happy to learn that you can order goods from Things That Matter, too! Just select the international shipping option via FedEx.