Local Love: Thrift Store Personal Shopping Service at ARC Value Village

Andrew and I recently had our first-ever personal shopping appointment at our local ARC Value Village thrift store! I first learned about Value Village's personal stylist service when a few staff members attended The Fashion Revolution Day event I coordinated in Minneapolis, and I decided that I needed to try it out!

Basically, the way it works in a nutshell: you fill out an online style profile (sizes, favorite brands, colors, etc), set an appointment at one of several Twin Cities locations, and swing by the store on your appointed day to try on all of your picks! 

Andrew has a much more difficult time finding clothing at thrift stores than I do- between his 6 foot 4 frame and his picky style requirements he often leaves empty-handed so I was interested to see what our thrift stylist, Michelle, was able to hunt down. 

When we arrived for our appointment, we were greeted by Michelle- the creator of the thrift stylist program and fashionista and stylist extraordinare! She'd curated a huge rack of clothing for both Andrew and I. First, we each had several styled outfit ensembles to try on, and then an assortment of separate pieces. 

We had as much time as we needed to try things on, evaluate, and determine what we wanted to purchase. Andrew had more luck than he's ever had thrift shopping before, leaving with a nice pair of jeans, a sweater, a hoodie, a denim jacket, a short sleeve button down. 

My ultimate thrift score of the day was a pair of gorgeous leather boots! I've worn the same leather boots for three Minnesota fall & winters and they've deteriorated quite a bit (I've repaired them several times). I'm so excited to have a fresh pair! I also picked up a great pair of neutral wedges, a pair of chucks, a white button down (DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I've searched for a white button down at a thrift store?), a coat, a floral blouse, a cute white belt, and a few other smaller items. 

All in all, it was a fantastic experience and a great way to cut down on the time spent sorting through racks at the thrift store. Michelle did a great job of pulling together only items that fit within the style and brands that Andrew and I liked- it was like shopping a personalized boutique! 

If you're a Twin Cities local and want to set up an appointment of your own, head to the ARC Value Village website for more information. 

I'd also recommend following @thriftstylist on Instagram for a fun glimpse into other's shopping experiences and thrift finds!