TP Mocs- Footwear for your Ethical Baby

Today we're talking about ethical baby style! Though I don't often dedicate posts to children's gear, I have an entire list of children's clothing/products that are ethically made in my blogs' "ethical shopping" section and I love discovering new brands to pass along to my siblings and friends. Ethical products for kids can be a bit difficult to invest in- kids grow so fast (and ethical products are more expensive than their conventional counterparts), so if you're going to buy ethically made products for your kid, they've got to be amazing quality- something that can be worn often and passed along to the next lucky kid! 

I'm really honored to have the chance to write about the company I'm featuring today, TP Mocs. TP Mocs employs Native American artisans to manufacture tiny, handmade baby moccasins in an array of classic and modern designs. This sustainable employment offers support to Native communities, while keeping traditions alive. Though it's not a cause that receives nearly as much attention as other social injustices rampant in the US, poverty and lack of opportunity continue to affect Native American communities deeply, the deep lingering scars of war and mistreatment (something our history books seem to gloss over is that armed conflict between the US government and Native American tribes lasted though 1918- this isn't ancient history, but rather a reality that is haunting our nation's recent past). We've still got a long way to go in grieving our past and making things right in the future... and supporting opportunity-creating, Native- run companies like TP Mocs is a great way to begin that process. 

TP moccasins run from size 0-7 and are handcrafted in your child's size when you place an order- so allow up to two weeks for manufacturing and delivery. 

Lacking tiny humans of my own to conduct field testing of TP Mocs' products, I turned to my adorable nephew. The "tiny teepee" style is definitely both baby and mom approved, with my sister (and expert in all things baby) weighing in. TP moccasins are not only extremely well made and sturdy, they are ideal for beginning walkers. The leather and cotton materials used are really soft and flexible for tender little feet, and the laces stay tied. 

If you're hoping on the baby-moccasins trend, consider sourcing your baby's footwear from TP Mocs rather than a grabbing a cheap knockoff copy from Payless. Check out TP moccasins facebook page and instagram for more cute baby mocs photos and information on their mission and values.