This post is sponsored by Untouched World and I was sent a product for review.  


When Untouched World reached out to me earlier this year I was intrigued by two facts about this New Zealand-based company: Untouched World has been recognized for the company’s high sustainability standards by the UN, which is extremely unique for a fashion brand, and the company is a pioneer in developing new types of wool and wool based textiles that perform well for everyday/all-climate wear. (Also, fun fact: apparently Obama and Prince Harry are Untouched World fans)! 

chose to review Untouched World’s string cardi for Life+Style+Justice: a 100% wool piece that is incredibly light and soft. I chose it not only because it filled a gap in my wardrobe left behind by a worn out, holey, and bulky PACT sweatshirt, but because I’ve really been valuing natural fibers in my wardrobe lately. In fact, all of the new textiles brought into my wardrobe for the past few months have been 100% wool, cotton, or silk! I’m very concerned by the amount of tiny plastic bits that are making their way into the environment each time I wash my clothes (watch the video below from The Story of Stuff), and choosing natural fibers is one way that I can cut back on the negative impact of my wardrobe. I know that I can’t completely rid my closet of synthetic fibers (until someone invents 100% natural fiber underwear and yoga pants that perform well), but I do want to minimize those fibers as much as possible. 




My new cardigan is so earth-friendly that I can recycle, upcycle or even compost it at end of its life cycle- which probably won’t be for a very long time- One of the warm and lovely staff members at Untouched World shared with me that they often have customers contacting them to look for styles from 10 years ago, as their original piece had finally worn down after a decade of regular use. High quality, “loved clothes last”, to quote this year’s new fashion revolution slogan.

Untouched World wool pieces are manufactured in New Zealand, where workers are paid good wages and given free health care, holidays, and other benefits. Untouched World’s cotton pieces are made in Kolkata, India, at a workshop that I’ve had the amazing experience of visiting! Shirts are cut from organic Indian cotton, sewn, and screenprinted all within a huge multi-story building employing marginalized women from the surrounding communities. 


I’ve had my Untouched World string cardi for a few months now to test out, and It’s been with me through a variety of travels and climates. I’ve collected my thoughts on the piece into a little list of my observations for you to consider if you have a need for wool layering pieces in your wardrobe:

-I love how soft (non-itchy!) and lightweight this piece is! It’s just as warm as a big, bulky sweater or sweatshirt but takes up far less space.

-The dropped shoulders and “scrunched” collar add interest to what would otherwise be a basic piece.

-The wool fabric used for this piece is machine washable- a huge plus in my book! Just lay flat to dry.

-I like how odor-resistant the lightweight wool fabric is. I wore this for more days in a row than I care to admit while traveling and it lasted quite a long time in between washes!

-If you’re very tall, be conscious that this piece is a cropped style that may be a bit short on some. It’s perfect on me at 5’3”!

If you’re interested in natural textiles and fibers, be sure to check out the sections on Untouched World’s website focused the different types of fabric they use to create garments, and the making/sourcing/usage of each one! It’s extremely fascinating. For more general information on the brand, read these sections on sustainability and the history of the company.

If you have questions about the fit or care of the string cardi I reviewed, leave a comment below!