Urbana Sacs

This post is sponsored by Urbana Sacs and I was sent my own set of creative sacs to try! Thanks for collaborating with Life+Style+Justice, Urbana Sacs! 

Let's talk plastic-free storage solutions. Back in my pre-ethical consumerism days, when I got the itch to organize my stuff, I'd go out and buy those little plastic bins and drawer dividers without a second thought. 

Since re-evaluating my purchasing guidelines, I've looked for non-plastic organizational tools- and my home has been slowly overtaken by beautiful, plastic free storage solutions (isn't it nice when the better option is also more aesthetically pleasing?). Burlap buckets hold pantry staples above my refrigerator, fair trade baskets are scattered around the house to hold blankets and keys and accessories, and glass jars in my cupboards hold everything from toothbrushes in the bathroom to beans and rice in the kitchen. 

Urbana Sacs are an innovative and sustainable storage solution created by designer Carolina Tombolesi. They're made from a mixture of recycled felt and pulp fibers and come in a range of shades- from shiny metallic silver to matte black. Urbana Sac's line includes the creative sacs pictured in this post, as well as carry sacs, yoga sacs, and even a sac to carry a bottle of wine or your water bottle! 

The sacs are stiff and sturdy, with a texture somewhere between fabric and paper- but when you dip them in water, the material magically becomes pliable. You can flatten them and store them stacked neatly when not in use- or reshape them 

I chose to review a set of creative sacs in stone because I knew I'd be able to use them for a ton of different purposes: holding hats and gloves on my closet shelf, storing towels and toiletries in the bathroom, or holding art supplies and library cards in my office! 

I really love the material and the concept of Urbana Sacs. I've already washed and reshaped mine several times to see how they perform and couldn't be more pleased! Now I just need one large enough to hold laundry- I think the material would make a great hamper! 

Let me know if you end up trying out Urbana Sacs in your own home- I'd love to see how you use them! You can check out the company's instagram to see more inspiring photos of the sacs in people's homes, as well.