Urbana Sacs Holiday

This Post is Sponsored by Urbana Sacs, a long-time partner of Life+Style+Justice (see our previous posts together here and here)! 

Some of my most vivid Christmas morning memories from my childhood involve present-opening time. The excitement, the laughs, the hugs.... and also the big black trash bag that would make an appearance every year to contain the plastic bows, toy packaging, and wrapping paper that were left after all the gifts had been revealed. 

As an adult, I've worked to reduce the amount of waste I create when I give presents. I use cotton ribbon or twine instead of plastic bows and ribbon, and wrap in recyclable, biodegradable, and reusable materials like brown paper grocery bags and cloth scraps. This year, I'm partnering with Urbana Sacs to show you a few ways to use Urbana Sacs' "washable paper" containers as gift "wrapping". 

I've used my medium white creative sacs (made from recycled fibers and wood pulp) three different ways as gift packaging this year so far: 

1. As a gift bag

So easy! Just unroll the sac all the way, crease on each side so that it folds similarly to a paper lunch sack, fold over the top, and secure with a ribbon. There are three different sizes of Urbana Creative Sacs, so you can pick up a variety for gifts of all shapes and sizes. 

2. As a Baked Goods Receptacle 

Who needs a cellophane wrapped styrofoam plate to deliver Christmas Cookies? Nestle them in an @urbanasacs and wrap a reusable napkin around them and you're set! Bonus points if you use a cute (new) Christmas-themed flour sack towel that can be re-used in the recipient's kitchen! 

3. As a Gift Basket 

I love the look of using Urbana Sacs in place of the more traditional woven wooden or wicker basket. It's a bit more modern! I filled mine with some fair trade goodies for a friend- next I think I'll put together a DIY spa basket filled with homemade bath and body products, or a movie night basket stuffed with homemade snacks + a fun DVD (used, of course!). 

Urbana Sacs is offering 25% off all orders using code INTHESAC - try them out and let me know how you use Urbana Sacs creatively for the Holidays or just in your own home!