On the North Shore with Urbana Sacs

This post is in collaboration with Urbana Sacs! I'm proud to support this wonderful, USA-made and eco friendly company and I'm grateful for Urbana Sacs' support of Life+Style+Justice! We're all in this together... 

Lake Superior is about the closest thing we've got to the ocean up here in the northlands. It holds 10% of the world's surface fresh water, and is the size of Maine! There's something about a large body of water that's inherently calming and reassuring, so when Andrew and I had some rare time off this past weekend we knew exactly where we wanted to go! 

Our friends at Urbana Sacs had recently sent us a water/wine carry sack and a large carry sac to try, and we took the opportunity to "field test" them on our road trip. I love Urbana Sacs bags because while they are still soft and flexible, they're also sturdy enough to stand up on their own, keeping the contents inside from spilling out onto the dirty ground when setting up for a picnic. The black color that I chose doesn't show dirt and easy super easy to wash clean with water! 

You might remember from my first post about Urbana Sacs several months ago that they're made from a mixture of recycled felt and pulp fibers- I'll have to post a video on instagram soon showing how the material can be soaked with water and reshaped! It's a seriously cool and innovative textile with so many uses!  

The large carry sac is just the perfect size for a picnic blanket, a few containers of salad, and a cribbage board! We used the water/wine carry sac to tote along a big glass bottle of fruit and Numi Berried Treasures tea and I loved that the sturdy material provided a bit of a buffer for the glass bottle shoved into the trunk of my car. I'm going hiking this weekend and I'm going to use the water/wine sac to carry my water bottle and keys over my shoulder rather than holding them in my hands. 

You can check out all of Urbana Sacs storage solutions and carrying sacs on their website! What would you use these bags for in your own home/lifestyle?