Valentine's Day- All the romance without the consumerism

 1. Watch the sunrise together. Wake up early, pack a thermos of fair trade coffee and some blankets and drive until you find a pretty lake, tall hill, or cityscape to watch the sun rise over. It's usually a bit chilly in the early morning no matter where you are, so you might have to huddle together for warmth... ;-) 


2. If your love is a foodie, plan a special meal to cook together- something that's a bit fancier than your normal fare and harder to prepare. Andrew and I love rolling our own sushi, cooking Julia Child's bouef bourguignon, and rolling handmade fair trade chocolate truffles. 

3. Write a love letter. In our age of digital communication, hand-written notes have become even more precious and rare. Get sneaky and hide small notes under pillows, in drawers, etc (beware of getting too creative, though... I once hid a note for Andrew that took him a week to find!) 


4. Take a road trip to a place that's meaningful to you both. This could be the spot where you shared your first kiss, a memorable date, the place you first met, etc. 

5. Go stargazing. If you live in the USA, the winter skies are clearest and best for viewing constellations! Download an app on your phone that helps you identify starts or print a chart to bring with you. Dress warm and bring something warm to bring and perhaps a mix CD to listen to. 


6. Have a spa day at home! Draw a hot bath, listen to relaxing music, exchange footrubs and massages... you can whip up tons of great all-natural DIY spa recipes for fun- pinterest has a huge selection! 

7. Plan a rendezvous or scavenger hunt! Dress up and leave a note for your significant other to meet you at a fancy bar, lead them on a fun adventure around town (leaving clues along the way). 

Have a Happy Valentine's Day! 

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