What I Bought This Week

Today's installment of what I bought has been a long time coming- this collection is actually from a few weeks back, which has been sitting in my drafts! After scrolling through these photos I've started to realize that my weekly purchasing post will be mostly food. Food is still an area where I'm growing as a conscious consumer and working on sourcing things as ethically as I can. A typical grocery trip for me often includes several different stores and sometimes the farmer's market as well! 

Half of the weeks groceries! I already had some lettuce and spinach in my fridge so I just needed a few more items of produce. I was so hungry for fresh green beans (these were the first I've seen so far this year!) that I didn't bother that they were in a needless plastic bag. Ugh. Produce can be so difficult that way! 

I needed to stock up on baking supplies- almond flour, shortening, eggs- and meat this week. I always feel better about purchasing meat from Whole Foods since there's much less plastic and packaging involved but it's still not perfect! 

Andrew and I went to our favorite Peace Coffee retail location so that Andrew could grab his coffee for the next few weeks (the "Twin Cities" blend). While we were there we indulged in a couple of tall glasses of delicious iced beverages. Mmm. 

Our other purchase this week was a fair trade soccer ball. The refugee family that we hang out with every week has 4 boys and 2 sweet girls so we wanted to have a ball to kick around with them. We found this one on Amazon.com for $20.00 and borrowed an air pump from Andrew's brother to fill it so that we wouldn't have to buy one. 

Let me know what you think about these weekly "what I bought" posts! If they're useful in any way I'll keep writing them!