What I Bought: Third week of OCtober

This week's what I bought post is full of fall colors and flavors! It wasn't a big grocery-buying week, since there was still plenty of leftover food in my house from hosting visitors, so just a quick trip to the farmers' market and Whole Foods were needed to fill my fresh fruit and veggie needs.  

I love the farmers' market because it's SO much easier to purchase organic fruits and veggies that aren't swathed in plastic. Because of the extreme cold where I live, the option of shopping at the farmer's market isn't always available (they peter out in November) so I try to take advantage of it while I can. October is my favorite farmers-market month because of all the squash + flowers and herbs. 

At the farmers market I picked up squash, lettuce, herbs, carrots, brussel sprouts apples, and a gorgeous bunch of flowers that I couldn't resist! I've been loving my netted produce bags for fruits and veggies- I've said goodbye to those flimsy green plastic bags (when did we start feeling the need to wrap each type of vegetable that we purchase in it's own plastic bag, anyway?) and don't plan to go back. 

At Whole Foods I grabbed some aroboria rice for risotto-making and some almond flour from the bulk bins. My one plastic-y purchase was my favorite non-gmo popcorn... though I could have easily gotten my popcorn kernels from the bulk bins, too.  My favorite Divine Chocolate bar (for chunking up to make cookies) and some Frontier direct-trade vanilla came home, too. 

Andrew and I stopped by a few of our favorite re-use stores this week as well, where we picked up a pre-loved copy of one of our favorite films, a few books, a shot glass, dice, a pair of moccasins for me ($8!) and a fun print for my office. 

I'd love to know what questions you have for me about my local shopping routine... comment here or on Instagram if you want more details!