The Girl With The Buddha Tattoo

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The Girl With The Buddha Tattoo: Awakening To Freedom

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Julie Foucher

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Tobias Hardy


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Limitless abundance

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Creative expression

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Ready to discover how to engage your remote team and make them 140% more productive? In chapter 3 we’ll cover the “Rainbow & Gold” method that will allow you to de exactly that.

About the Author

Dasha Love

The purpose in life is to be your SELF, to believe in yourself, to trust yourself, to love yourself and be unapologetically expressive. We are here to remind you of the perfection of your being, of your power and strength! We are here to help you transform into the best version of yourself remembering your souls truth, finding your joy, reunited with your community and soul tribe living your life purpose.

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Dasha Love

Awakening To Freedom

Dasha Love