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The Girl With The Buddha Tattoo

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The Girl With The Buddha Tattoo:

Transformation Toolkit: A Journey From Trauma to Freedom

From making six figures in Tech in San Francisco to caring for her terminally ill mother, Dasha awakens from her automated life and starts to question everything. she embarks on a journey into he Great Unknown.

This moment of complete Stillness, complete Nothingness, when the infinite energy of life crosses the boundaries of our finite bodies is what we all crave deep in our hearts but can’t find. This little girl found it. She found Heaven on Earth walking the path of self-love and surrendering to the flow. she realized that she don’t need to wait for her last breath to experience it. She is living it. Every day. Every hour.


What They Say about the Book -  The Girl With The Buddha Tattoo 

Mother's Love for her child certainly cannot be compared with anything.”

Julie Foucher

Mother makes every effort to make her child happy and exerts herself physically to the greatest possible extent to feed her child

Tobias Hardy

ISBN-13: 978-1700135612

ISBN-10: 1700135619


What’s Inside the Book?

Limitless abundance

This journey was at times terrifying, at times beautiful, at times terrifyingly beautiful. On this journey, she faced the demons that have tormented her all her life, and instead of fighting, running, being terrified, she surrendered control. 

Creative expression

 As she transformed her past, she began to see the little girl, a happy, innocent child who just wanted to play and laugh. She fell in love with this little girl who she never knew existed. She let go of all the expectations, and found strength to be vulnerable. 


The very moment she surrendered to Hell, she found herself in Heaven. In Heaven she experienced the moment of complete and total Stillness that we all experience at least twice: when we take our first and our last breath. 

About the Author

Dasha Love

The purpose in life is to be your SELF, to believe in yourself, to trust yourself, to love yourself and be unapologetically expressive. We are here to remind you of the perfection of your being, of your power and strength! We are here to help you transform into the best version of yourself remembering your souls truth, finding your joy, reunited with your community and soul tribe living your life purpose.

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Dasha Love

Awakening To Freedom

Dasha Love