1.) I’m an accidental “fashion” blogger. If you knew me as a teenager you know I’m not joking- my “uniform” back in the day alternated between a tiered broomstick skirt (remember those?) and camo cargo pants paired with red cowgirl boots. I still have no idea what brands were cool during my youth. Practically all of my clothing came from thrift shops and hand-me-down boxes. Just look at this glorious denim dress (also: I had a miniature horse named Shadow, yes I was the luckiest horse-loving child in the world):

You won’t find me poring over photos of gowns at the Grammys or following fashion week or writing you a list of all the fall trends you should follow. Because at the end of the day, to me, clothes are just clothes. While I enjoy collecting things for my closet, working at defining my “signature style”, and showing you all the awesome brands that are out there doing good things in the world… If my wardrobe were replaced overnight with a stack of plain jeans and black tee shirts my identity would be intact. I spend very little time shopping or thinking about clothes- which might make me an utter sham within this whole blogging business. I don’t know.

What I really care about is justice. And that’s why I write about clothes. I share ethical brands with you because this stuff is deeply personal to me. My dear friend “Rachel” used to work in a sweatshop and has told me every detail… and damn it, she is my friend and I don’t want her or any other human person to have to experience degradation and exploitation to provide me or you with cheap garments. Plus, the innovation and compassion that drives most up-and-coming ethical brands is really cool.

2.) When stuff is more important than the blog, the blog doesn’t matter. You may have noticed that I’m not the world’s most consistent blogger or social media-er (sorry). I love this little space of the internet and the community I’ve met here SO much (and I have a plan! To blog more during the fall!)… but it’s such a tiny, tiny piece of my life and what I do and often it’s the piece that gets shoved to the back of the stove. Shoved to the back of the stove while I work on an anti-trafficking campaign for the NFL to use to cut down on sex trafficking during the Super Bowl. Shoved to the back of the stove while I try to keep A Beautiful Refuge growing and thriving. Shoved to the back of the stove while I play board games with my siblings or go on an adventure with Andrew.

3.) Also, my life isn’t really that highly curated, so sometimes it’s pretty exhausting for me to make everything all pretty for y’all online. 99.9% of photos I take look like this:

4.) I lose momentum when I don’t connect. When blogging starts to feel less like a conversation and more like a performance I lose interest pretty fast. I need all of you to help me make Lifestyle Justice into a place where we all help each other move toward a more conscious and compassionate way of living. Let’s talk!

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